Leaving the rat race

I have decided to be very self-indulgent and use this blog to document my career change into the world of food. Since leaving university, life has been pretty varied- I lived abroad on and off for a few years in China, Australia and Japan, teaching English. I have also worked in sales for a legal publisher and most recently in marketing for a couple of large law firms. It was soon clear in my sales job that it wasn’t a right fit and the only move it seemed I could make with my experience was to work in house in a law firm. In both roles I didn’t enjoy the work itself and disliked working in an office. A couple of months ago I was thinking long and hard about why I had so much dissatisfaction for my corporate job and for me it was predominantly a lack of creativity. The reason I love to cook is because it allows me to be creative and come up with new ideas to experiment with. When something I produce is successful and someone shows their appreciation, it’s the best feeling and it’s this creativity that I’ve come to realise I need in a job.

Whilst I personally find working in an office pretty depressing and stressful, I know that there are definitely upsides. When you work a 9-5 you know that when you finish work you’re done for the day, you can relax. You also don’t have to worry about money as there is a steady monthly salary. I think it’s this security that is so appealing. It keeps you trapped in a cycle of progressing in a career that you have no passion for and, because of this lack of passion, a job that you’ll only ever be ok at. Maybe it’s not important for everyone to do a job they love, it could be enough to have money that allows you to enjoy your free time and lets you go on holiday and treat yourself. For me, I got to a point where the job was making me unhappy even when I wasn’t there. I’d start to dread Monday on a Sunday morning or increasingly on a Saturday or Friday. I know that I’m very lucky to have the freedom to change my career and follow my passion, and I realise I’m part of a generation that perhaps increasingly feel that we need/ deserve fulfilment in all aspects of our life. However, I’m a strong believer that we all have it in our power to change things if we’re unhappy. I don’t want to continue to complain about things and not do anything about it.

I have probably been a bit reckless in the actions I’ve taken to change career. Today is the first day of unemployment, having quit my relatively well-paid marketing job with nothing at all to go to. Do I have a plan? Not exactly. I have some vague ideas about the path I am going to take which involves doing a patisserie course and learning about the industry through temp jobs, in order to eventually start my own food-related business. I have so many questions and uncertainties as to what lies ahead. Will I make a success of it? Will I run out of money and need to go back to an office job? I’ve decided that all these risks are worth it. I’m excited for the challenge. It’s a cliché I know, but I really do believe that life is so short and I try to have this at the forefront of my mind to fully guide the way I live my life.

I hope to continue posting at least once a week from now on and will still post recipes too. Thank you for reading my ramblings.


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